Mobile devices and electronic communication of governments and NGOs, especially in the context of international diplomatic, military and human rights missions, are permanently subject to surveillance, recording, and attacks against data at rest as well as data in transit using advanced spyware.

When faced with such challenges, national governments and high-profile international organizations alike rely on GSMK CryptoPhones to defend themselves against cyber attacks. Field-proven over the course of two decades, GSMK CryptoPhones have earned a stellar reputation for security and reliability - whether operated at home or abroad, whether in the world’s largest cities or in remote areas with poor network coverage and performance.

GSMK covers the entire process from planning to deployment and operation of your individual secure communications infrastructure. GSMK’s lifecycle management services protect your investment and ensure continuous updates and upgrades as your needs grow. The company and its authorized distribution partners are there for you to ensure that you can maximize the lifetime of your existing GSMK CryptoPhone system, and that you can continuously upgrade it to keep up with changing requirements and the growth of your secure communications network.

Please contact our sales team and engineers to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to serve your needs - now and for many years to come.

Products and Services to Serve Your Mission

  • Completely private communication infrastructures with on-premise call switching and management servers
  • Centralized device management with individually configurable closed user groups
  • Carrier-grade reliability, scalability and redundancy
  • Robust and stealthy communication protocol for operation even under the most challenging circumstances
  • Optional integration of existing IP PBXes
  • Training, service & support with local representatives in over 50 countries worldwide

Cryptography & ICT Security Training

GSMK offers a range of advanced courses on cryptography and ICT security. These courses are designed to transfer in-depth knowledge from GSMK’s experts to the client’s key officers. Topics covered in GSMK’s training courses include cryptography, mobile communications security, and the evaluation of advanced cryptosystems in order to allow the client’s representatives to independently participate in the design and evaluation of future ICT security projects.

GSMK’s cryptographic training will also give the client’s representatives knowledge in practical cryptography that will enable them to independently evaluate and review the security of crypto equipment that is currently in use or shall in the future be procured by the client’s organization. The exact course syllabus is tailored to the client’s individual requirements and will be agreed between the client and GSMK before the training takes place. GSMK augments its training courses with a variety of support material, ranging from practical demonstrations of encryption devices to samples of interception equipment.

GSMK will look after its course participants with meticulous care and attention to detail. GSMK’s lecturers are seasoned professionals with in-depth expertise in their chosen fields who will provide individual guidance throughout the training. GSMK does not only operate a computerized learning center, but also provides top-notch equipment for hands-on demonstrations. Berlin, the dynamic, cosmopolitan and creative capital of Germany, provides the framework for a unique training experience.

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