GSMK is a cyber security pioneer founded in 2003. We work at the forefront of mobile device and mobile network security. Having developed information assurance technologies integral to defending critical information for over two decades, we protect mobile terminals and mobile network infrastructure. We identify, analyze and neutralize advanced threats well before they even appear on the radar of others.


A leader in mobile voice and message security, GSMK designs and manufactures end-to-end encryption systems, terminals and software that allow secure, reliable and user-friendly communications across network borders. Our unique 360-degree approach to mobile device security manifests itself in the GSMK CryptoPhone® product line of secure mobile, desktop and satellite terminals that offer strong end-to-end encryption and protection of meta data.

Network Security

The GSMK Overwatch® and GSMK Oversight® network security systems allow mobile network operators, telecommunications regulatory authorities, and public safety and security authorities to defend themselves against illegal interception, user tracking, manipulation and fraud on the network level, covering the entire signal chain from edge to core.

Many of the technologies and components in our products are industry firsts. Holding multiple patents in the field of secure communications, mobile device and mobile network security, we pride ourselves of proactively protecting our clients against advanced attacks, offering them peace of mind now and well into the future.

Our Value Chain

We support the full product lifecycle from designing and manufacturing to operating, maintaining and securing the necessary systems, terminals, and software.

Working closely with our clients in over 50 countries worldwide, we build and maintain advanced telecommunications security systems that are innovative, reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and long lasting.