Whether you are an M&A advisor, consultant, patent lawyer, or journalist, GSMK CryptoPhones support you in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information you are entrusted with. Acclaimed for their ease of use, they allow you to do this while comfortably maintaining the international communication links that you rely on.

All GSMK CryptoPhones are interoperable - no matter where you purchased them. To start communicating securely with another CryptoPhone user on the other side of the globe, simply share your CryptoPhone number with your contact and start enjoying unprecedented security and privacy.

End-to-end encrypted calls can be established from any location – whether on the road, from the office, or from a business jet high above the ground. Secure messaging allows you to exchange structured information while protecting your associates’ intellectual property, business plans, and investment strategies.

Products and Services to Serve Your Individual Needs

  • Fully interoperable secure desktop and mobile phones with 360-degree security
  • IP transport technology for cost-efficient communication across network borders
  • Easy-to-use tools for protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access

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