CryptoPhone Satellite Terminal

Satellite Terminals

CryptoPhone satellite terminals allow you to communicate via satellite systems in remote areas, or to use them as a backup to ensure secure communication in disaster situations when terrestrial infrastructure has failed. With its minimal bandwidth requirements and built-in tolerance for delay and jitter, the highly efficient CryptoPhone IP protocol permits secure satellite communication over a wide range of satellite networks. We can thus offer complete packages containing CryptoPhones and satellite terminals of your choice.


Simply connect the mobile or desktop CryptoPhone of your choice via cable or WiFi to a satellite terminal providing IP service via your preferred satellite network. The thus-connected CryptoPhone then uses the IP connection provided by the satellite network as the transport medium for encrypted calls and messages. This way, you can securely communicate with any CryptoPhone worldwide - whether from the high seas or from the middle of the desert.

GSMK Expedition Cases are a popular choice for enjoying full autonomy by using a proven, pre-configured package. GSMK Expedition Cases typically contain a CryptoPhone, a satellite terminal, battery packs, a solar panel, and accessories, all packaged in a ruggedized case with custom foam inserts. With a GSMK Expedition Case, you are never out of reach and can continue to communicate end-to-end encrypted with headquarters - even in the total absence of cellular networks or AC electricity supply.

The robustness and flexibility of the GSMK CryptoPhone system give you the freedom to choose any satellite system that offers IP communication in your area of operation via either geostationary or low-earth-orbit satellites. GSMK’s technicians will be glad to support you in determining the right choice. Popular options include Inmarsat BGAN and Thuraya IP, but the GSMK CryptoPhone IP system also supports many other satellite systems for land, maritime and airborne communication.


Interested in CryptoPhone-enabled satellite terminals? Our subject matter experts will be glad to discuss your individual needs with you!

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