Corporate Security


In a global economy, business success requires information to be exchanged securely and reliably across network borders. International corporations face the challenge of securing a global network of branches, departments, subsidiaries, partners and project teams around the world. Whether the challenge is to manage a global supply chain, protect periodic R&D conference calls across continents, or consult with dispatched project teams in remote areas, GSMK CryptoPhone products allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that company confidential information and trade secrets remain just that – confidential.

Example Setup:

  • Mobile voice and message encryption for travelling executives and road warriors: GSMK Cryptophone G10i+ and GSMK Cryptophone 300 secure mobile phones
  • Secure calls between different locations in multiple countries using the corporate PBX system: GSMK/Sirrix PBX Gateway
  • Fixed-line voice encryption for detached project teams using the GSMK Cryptophone PSTN/1i secure fixed-line phone
  • Satellite voice encryption for communication with project teams in remote areas, aboard oil rigs, boats, and aircraft: GSMK CryptoPhone 300T in combination with Thuraya satellite terminals
  • All GSMK CryptoPhones in this scenario are fully interoperable with each other, allowing for encrypted calls mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed-line, mobile to satellite, etc.

• All GSMK Cryptophone products are interoperable with each other

• The GSMK/Sirrix PBX Gateway allows incoming and outgoing calls to and from GSM, Thuraya or landline phones to be encrypted. It includes secure conferencing functionality for external and internal users.

• Secure mobile telephone calls can be established on any number of mobile networks (including roaming and cross border connections)

• The use of the Thuraya satellite network allows secure calls from areas without GSM coverage or when the user does not want to be visible on the local GSM network