GSMK Cryptophone G10


  • Tri-Band GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz or
    850/1800/1900 MHz


  • Strongest and most secure algorithms available today – AES256 and Twofish, 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange with SHA256 hash function, readout-hash based key authentication, 256 bit effective key length encryption, key is
    destroyed as soon as the call ends.

GSMK CryptoPhones are the only secure mobile phones on the market with full source code published for independent security assessments.

They contain no »proprietary« or »secret«
encryption, no backdoors, no key-escrow, no centralized or operator-owned key generation, and require no key registration.

Fully compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone products

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 108 × 45 × 18mm
  • 102g incl. battery, silver and black color scheme
  • integrated antenna

Operational Features:

  • Talk time up to 3.5 hours, standby time 140 hours

Standard Accessories

  • 100-240V AC adapter, USB sync cable, stereo headset with microphone (2.5mm plug)

Optional Accessories

  • Spare batteries, 12V cigarette lighter charger, solar panel charger, vehicle mount kit, noise-cancelling headset, ruggedized military carrying case

Trustworthy Voice Encryption

The CryptoPhone G10 comes with full source code available for independent review. Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure
that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors in the communications device that you entrust your security to.

The GSMK CryptoPhone G10 enables you to put the trust where it belongs – in a trustworthy, open and scientific verification process.

  • The CryptoPhone G10 was introduced at the CeBIT IT fair in March 2005.
  • It was the first secure tri-band Smart phone on the global market and was later replaced by the smaller and lighter quad-band CryptoPhone G10i.
  • All current CryptoPhone products are still fully compatible with the CryptoPhone G10. All future CryptoPhone products will continue to be compatible with older models.
  • The CryptoPhone G10 is no longer in production..