As part of GSMK’s lifecycle management services, you can continuously upgrade your GSMK CryptoPhone product to a newer product generation.

Lifecycle Management Services

GSMK’s lifecycle management services can provide you with upgrades that include software and hardware upgrades as well as migration concepts for customers migrating e.g. from a circuit-switched communications infrastructure to IP-based PBXes and networks. GSMK and its authorized distribution partners are there for you to ensure that you can maximize the lifetime of your existing GSMK CryptoPhone system, and that you can continuously upgrade it to keep up with changing requirements and the growth of your secure communications network. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs with us.

Firmware Updates

GSMK also offers firmware updates for your CryptoPhone model, e.g. when additional features become available for your device. Updates generally fall into two categories: security updates and feature updates. Security updates will be made available in the case a security problem has been discovered. Security updates are free as long as the main firmware version they apply to is supported. Feature updates enhance the functionality of your GSMK CryptoPhone, and may be offered at additional cost. Please contact our sales team or your local Authorized GSMK CryptoPhone Reseller for details on software insurance and on updates for your particular model.

  • Lifecycle management services ensure that your secure communications network grows with your requirements
  • Firmware updates allow you to keep your CryptoPhone models up to date