GSMK can support you with custom software and services to allow seamless integration of GSMK CryptoPhone products in complex operational environment. GSMK also provides GSMK CryptoPhone software and the GSMK CryptoPhone source code for download to allow you to perform independent security audits.

System integration and customization services

In the context of system integration tasks for complex environments and special projects, GSMK will provide you with additional software to support the integration of GSMK CryptoPhone products in your particular mission profile. Should you require modifications in the user interface or interfaces to integrate GSMK CryptoPhone products in your operational environment, GSMK is there to assist you to ensure seamless integration in your IT and telecommunications infrastructure. We also work together with a number of third-party solution providers to offer you integrated communication solutions customized for your specific needs. Please contact us at if you would like to talk to a sales representative about how we can assist you with custom software and services.

Software downloads

GSMK CryptoPhone products come with their full source code published for review and to ensure provable security. In addition, a freeware software version of the CryptoPhone is available for download that will turn any standard Windows PC (desktop or notebook) in a CryptoPhone-compatible secure phone.

  • Download the free CryptoPhone for Windows software for landlines which runs on any modern desktop or notebook computer running the Microsoft Windows™ operating system
  • Find out about GSMK’s system integration and customization services
  • Download CryptoPhone for Windows
  • Review the complete GSMK CryptoPhone source code