General Questions about GSMK Cryptophone Products

What is a CryptoPhone?

CryptoPhones are cellular, desktop or satellite phones that provide security against anyone listening in on your calls and mobile messages. To set up a secure call or communicate by encrypted SMS, both parties need to use a CryptoPhone.

What threats does a CryptoPhone protect against?

We designed GSMK CryptoPhones to offer security against anyone who tries to listen into your calls or intercept your SMS, both inside the telephone network and on the air. GSMK CryptoPhones provide end-to-end security so the call or SMS is fully encrypted all the way between the two CryptoPhones involved in a call.

Today`s complex telephone systems make it impossible to predict what path a communication link takes inside the network. Calls and messages are routinely transported over unencrypted directional microwave radio links that are subject to easy interception with simple equipment. In order to save costs, calls are frequently routed through networks or operators that might have dubious security standards. Your whole business confidentiality might get compromised by a single corrupt phone company employee. There exist devices known as “IMSI-Catchers” which allow anyone to listen into mobile phone calls. IMSI-Catchers are readily available on the market and are being used with increasing frequency. All these threats can be eliminated by using the CryptoPhone.

How do I know that a CryptoPhone is right for me?

When you are operating with sensitive information that could possibly cause danger or damage to you or your clients if compromised, a CryptoPhone is right for you. If you ever have talked on the phone and thought “let’s hope that this call has not been intercepted by someone”, the CryptoPhone is right for you. If you have ever talked about a transaction worth a million Euros or more on the phone, the CryptoPhone is also right for you.

What are your typical customers?

Typical customers are corporate executives, lawyers, accountants, bankers, mergers & acquisition specialists, consultants (management, tax, security), journalists, law enforcement officers, government organizations, NGOs, private investigators and other people who simply prefer to communicate in private.

So why should I buy a CryptoPhone?

Covering the full spectrum of voice encryption, secure messaging, and mobile device security, GSMK CryptoPhones offer true 360-degree protection and the best cryptographic security available on the market.

GSMK CryptoPhones are very easy to use.

The source code of the firmware is published, meaning it is under constant review by experts for security.

GSMK CryptoPhones have been developed without any government interference and do not provide any third party access to the encrypted communication or key material.

Our products are also affordable, so that communications security does not have to be a luxury. GSMK CryptoPhone secure mobile phones are based on standard hardware, which allows you to buy accessories at normal market prices.

The team that designed and produces GSMK CryptoPhones has spent the better part of fifteen years thinking about it. During this time, we have brainstormed with the top security people around the globe on how to do it right. One thing was clear from the start: The computer code behind the system must be available to the cryptographic/academic community (and to the public at large) to allow flaws and backdoors to be discovered and fixed as fast as possible. There is no other secure cellular, landline, or satellite phone on the market that offers this extremely important feature.

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