General Questions about GSMK Cryptophone Products

What is a CryptoPhone? What threats does the CryptoPhone protect against? How do I know that the CryptoPhone is right for me?

Questions about the Interception of GSM Calls

How can my calls be intercepted on the way from the GSM base station to the providers network? What is this IMSI-catcher I keep hearing about?
Who are the people that try to listen to my calls? But arenĀ“t GSM calls normally encrypted anyhow?

Questions about the Cryptophone Technology

What kind of cryptography and what key length is used in the CryptoPhone? What is the voice compression used in the CrypoPhone? How does it sound? Is there a delay? What operating system is the Cryptophone based on?

Questions about Published Source

Why is it so important to be able to review this ‘source code’? Why are you the only vendor offering the source code for review to anybody? Under what kind of license do you publish the source?

Questions about Purchase and Usage of Cryptophone Products

Are there any restrictions on the use of the CryptoPhone? What is the best way for me to get a CryptoPhone? What happens with the data I gave you when I ordered my CryptoPhone? How do you ship? How do you make sure that I receive an untampered device? What kind of warranty do you offer? What about firmware updates?

FAQ Sections:

  • General Questions about Cryptophone Products
  • Questions about interception of GSM Calls
  • Questions about Cryptophone technology
  • Questions about published source code
  • Questions about purchase and usage of Cryptophone Products