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Security is not a state, but a process. Even the best technology can only be used to its full capabilities if accompanied by professionally planned processes and support. GSMK supports its customers during the entire lifetime of our products – before and after the sale.

From concept to implementation, GSMK will work with you to ensure that the secure communications solution that you require will not only meet today’s needs, but can also grow with you and your needs in the future. GSMK provides planning services, on-site training, and a wide range of maintenance of support services. Individual Service Level Agreements meet your organization’s needs in terms of response times and uninterrupted availability of your secure communications infrastructure.

Our main office and our distribution partners have trained staff available to assist you with any issues that might come up, be they device-, network- or process-related. GSMK also operates a 24/7 test-line with a V.32 setup to allow automatic testing of your local network and device configuration. Please see the contact section for further details on how we can assist you.

  • First-class support for your planning, implementation, training, and maintenance needs
  • Long-term support for current as well as discontinued products
  • Service Level Agreements with defined response times meet your organization’s individual needs