GSMK debuts new security systems to protect mobile network operators against eavesdropping and fraud

Groundbreaking technology secures operators’ core networks and detects, localizes and neutralizes rogue base stations

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Barcelona, March 2 – Responding to recent security breaches that compromise the security and integrity of mobile networks, mobile security expert GSMK launched two new network security products that secure operators’ core networks and detect, localize and neutralize rogue base stations on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

The GSMK Overwatch network security system is the world’s first system capable of distributed detection, localization, alarming and neutralization of active attacks on mobile communications. Leveraging GSMK’s patented Baseband Firewall technology, sensor software installed on standard commercial mobile phones combined with powerful stationary sensors permits the cost-efficient detection of rogue base stations, including fake cell towers known as “IMSI catchers”, as well as individual attacks carried out over the air interface. The system integrates and synthesizes data from GSMK Baseband Firewall software running on mobile devices as well as stationary sensors in a national situation report for cellular communications, allowing mobile network operators for the first time to detect and combat rogue base stations used for eavesdropping and fraudulent activities in real time.

The GSMK Oversight product line addresses recently publicized security vulnerabilities in the SS7 communications protocol that forms the foundation of most inter-operator traffic exchange. The security vulnerabilities, which were disclosed in late December, allow mobile subscriber tracking, remote eavesdropping on calls and messages, and billing fraud. Responding to this exorbitant threat, and developed in close cooperation with SS7 expert sternraute Corporation, Oversight Detect is a comprehensive intrusion detection system that is capable of identifying protocol violations and/or misuse by fraudsters and other unauthorized foreign or domestic entities alike. Using high-performance real time analysis as well as a state of the art monitoring rule set with automatic updates, Oversight Detect permits network operators to identify and report threats. A companion product, Oversight Protect is an SS7 firewall that can automatically block illegal traffic at each SS7 Signal Transfer Point, thus preventing such traffic from penetrating the core network.

“Far-reaching vulnerabilities like the recently disclosed security breaches affecting all mobile networks require decisive countermeasures”, explained Dr. Bjoern Rupp, GSMK’s Chief Executive Officer. “By leveraging our in-depth experience in mobile security, GSMK’s new network security products allow network operators and regulators alike to defend key elements of their respective national telecommunications infrastructure against a wide range of attackers ranging from fraudsters to foreign intelligence agencies. We are particularly proud not only of the many technological firsts that these two new systems have achieved, but also of their extraordinarily cost-efficient design that allows for speedy rollouts in vulnerable networks as well as in and around critical infrastructures and key traffic hubs. Our new network security products once again underscore GSMK’s commitment to developing innovative, groundbreaking security solutions that protect the confidentiality and integrity of voice and data in over 50 countries worldwide.”

GSMK is showcasing its new network security products as well as its mobile device security and voice and message encryption solutions at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona in Hall 6, Stand J07.