About GSMK

Company Expertise

From its very first secure mobile phone, the first product world-wide to encrypt mobile telephone calls in real time by taking advantage of the CPU performance of modern mobile devices, GSMK has created groundbreaking products that have defined the industry.

Voice encryption: GSMK was the first and still is the only company world-wide that can deliver strong voice encryption products based on modern mobile device platforms that come with full published source code and allow communications across network boundaries.

Secure messaging: Just like confidential telephone calls, GSMK CryptoPhones protect the secure exchange of sensitive electronic messages based on published and publicly verifiable source code and strong, verifiable encryption algorithms, offering an unprecedented degree of transparency and making them the only mobile encryption products that can be independently verified to be soundly implemented and free of backdoors.

Mobile device security: GSMK has pioneered the development of hardened mobile devices and operating systems that offer true 360-degree protection not only against attacks on communication links, but also against attack on the device itself. GSMK’s history of serving very demanding clients that can not afford the security of their communications to be compromised – be they governments, international institutions, or private clients – has made the company very familiar and uniquely qualified to deal with an organization’s requirements to secure large fleets of mobile devices.

GSMK is an independent and privately held company that is unaffected by potentially conflicting interests of government shareholders or financial investors. Having advised and equipped numerous organizations both in regard to domestic as well as international communications, GSMK is truly committed to providing its clients with high-quality products and strong customer support. All GSMK CryptoPhones are supported for their entire life cycle; they use the same encryption engine and are fully interoperable with each other.

Global Experience

From its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and with a global network of local partners, GSMK has won the trust of the most demanding users, offering local support and customized products and services. GSMK’s proven, field-tested products are used in over 50 countries worldwide, serving the secure communication needs of private individuals, corporations, governmental and non-governmental institutional clients and international organizations.

Apart from product-related services, GSMK can offer on-site security assessments, field service training, and local networks and systems level expertise. No matter on what continent you are located, GSMK will be available to support your needs for trustworthy products and services.

  • Founded in 2003 to market two years of prior research and development in voice cryptography
  • First and only company to offer commercial off-the-shelf phones with strong encryption and published source code
  • Privately held by its investors and employees – no bank or venture capital funding and no government shareholders guarantee the company’s long-term stability and commitment to customers
  • Headquartered in Berlin, Germany
  • A customer base of substance in over 50 countries worldwide