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GSMK is a leader in mobile voice and message security. Located in Berlin, Germany, the company develops, produces and markets the first mobile, satellite and desktop phones that provide strong end-to-end voice encryption with full source code published for review.

GSMK CryptoPhones were the first products to take advantage of the fact that the CPU performance of portable consumer devices, like mobile phones and PDAs, is now sufficient for strong real-time voice encryption. The processing power that is available today in every pocket now makes it possible to effectively counter rampant telecommunications surveillance and targeted attacks on your sensitive information.

We envision a day when strong, verifiable and trustworthy voice encryption in all mobile devices will be commonplace, just like strong encryption is in Internet routers today. Recent technological advances now finally allow every one of us to regain some of the privacy we lost. Widespread, uncontrolled wiretapping and privacy violations are currently threatening the business environment, civil liberties, and the very future of democratic societies.

There seems to be no realistic way to stem by political process alone the current flood of intrusive communication surveillance, industrial espionage, and the risk for democratic institutions that comes with it. With the advent of GSMK CryptoPhones, strong cryptographic protection of confidential voice calls and messages has finally become available to a wide range of individuals, corporations, and institutions.

GSMK CryptoPhones mean voice and message encryption you can trust.

  • GSMK is the first company to publish the full source code of its voice and message encryption products to permit individual review – thus creating truly trustworthy products for our customers
  • GSMK’s customer base includes private individuals as well as corporate and institutional clients, NGOs and international organizations