22 Gsm Security

Passive GSM Interception

Passive GSM interception systems allow an attacker to eavesdrop on mobile telephone calls using only passive methods, i.e. equipment that only receives, but does not transmit and that is thus undetectable for the victim. Undetectable and highly portable, passive interception systems are used either for intercepting the radio link between a mobile phone and a base station, or between a base station and other network components.

A wide range of passive interception devices is available for governmental as well as private entities. Due to the non-detectability of the devices, although the usage is forbidden, the number of devices for passive interception can hardly be underestimated. The availabiliy of software-components for normal radio scanners to intercept GSM communication has already begun. With continuing downward trends in cost, passive GSM interception equipment has become very accessible even for attackers with very modest financial and technical resources.

GSMK CryptoPhones protect against the interception of call contents with passive GSM interception systems.