GSMK Cryptophone 500

Cp500 72dpi

By combining GSMK’s renowned end-to-end voice and message encryption with a highly sophisticated approach towards mobile device protection, the CryptoPhone 500 offers a defence-grade mobile phone security solution with true 360° mobile device security:

  • Secure messaging and voice over IP calls on any network, including 2G GSM, 3G UMTS/W-CDMA, and Wireless LAN
  • Hardened Android operating system with granular security management and streamlined, security-optimized components
  • Permission enforcement module controls access to network, data and sensors, keeping you in control of your security policies
  • Baseband firewall protects against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity, baseband attack detection, and automated initiation of countermeasures
  • Two-layer storage encryption system protects data at rest against unauthorized access
  • Quad-band GSM
  • UMTS/W-CDMA with HSUPA and HSPA+ support
  • Wireless LAN
  • Voice & message encryption
  • Hardened operating system
  • Baseband firewall
  • Two-layer storage encryption system