Next-generation GSMK Baseband Firewall detects invasive phone tracking, protects against over-the-air attacks

Newly introduced version 2.0 of patented cellular security software allows mobile phone users to detect and fight back at attempts to track their location via SS7 or silent SMS

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Hannover, March 16 – Upping the ante in mobile privacy protection, mobile security expert GSMK introduced an all-new version of its patented Baseband Firewall technology that protects mobile phones against over-the-air attacks and privacy intrusions at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover today.

Version 2.0 of GSMK’s Baseband Firewall software not only offers unique protection against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity, baseband attack detection, and automated initiation of countermeasures. The next generation of the software also detects attempts to track a mobile phone user’s location by unmasking so-called “silent SMS messages” as well as paging requests channeled through the global SS7 network for inter-operator traffic exchange. Individual instances of the Baseband Firewall software running on a great many mobile phones can be networked to pass warnings to each other and allow mobile network operators to block SS7 requests using the GSMK Oversight SS7 firewall that allows network operators to prevent such traffic from penetrating the network.

“Cellular subscribers rightfully expect information about what, with whom, and from where they communicate to be protected from prying eyes”, said Dr. Bjoern Rupp, GSMK’s Chief Executive Officer. “The GSMK Baseband Firewall continues to be at the forefront of that battle for subscriber privacy and security, continuing to provide a comprehensive line of defense against over-the-air attacks not available on any other product.”

GSMK is making its upgraded Baseband Firewall technology commercially available first in the GSMK CryptoPhone® 500 series of secure mobile phones. The company also licenses the technology to mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators for pre-loading on mobile devices.

GSMK is showcasing the new GSMK Baseband Firewall as well as the company’s network security products and voice and message encryption solutions at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover in Hall 6, Stand L16.